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About Us

At Color Magic Printer, we believe in developing flexible partnerships with our customers on the basis of trust and mutual understanding. Our commitment is to satisfy our clients, putting their needs first. Always.

With customer driven innovation and an integrated product range, unequalled in quality, it has been our consistent endeavour to offer our customers with comprehensive garment accessories and packaging solutions. Our objective is to simplify and enhance the brand identification process for our customers, by delivering high quality aesthetics that are reliable and cost effective, because we realize just how important it is for their goods to stand out in the retail world.

Vision Our vision is to establish a marked imprint where ever our efforts are endeavored. We know this can only be achieved by earning our customers’ loyalty and by anticipating their needs. We therefore aim to increase the value of our company and our portfolio of a diversified product range by exceeding customers’ expectations and operating excellence in every segment of our company.
Goal Our relentless performance, market knowledge, exceptional customer relations, innovative thinking and quality competitiveness has allowed us to establish our selves as an industry leader in the local market. Our goal now is to venture into international markets, open more doors towards the increasingly challenging world of commerce and stride forward to becoming a globally recognized garment accessories manufacturer.
We make Customers not Sales..!